In Praise of Libraries.

When I was a child, we often went to the library twice a week. I have always loved reading and I’d choose four books on a Saturday, have them read by Sunday evening, and then return to a chess club to choose four more on Monday. I still remember my heart leaping when the final two books in the Drina series appeared on the shelf after a family holiday.

My library use dwindled after college, and was non existent before we moved to our new home almost two years ago. Happily, we can now walk to one of the libraries I remember going to as a child. The shelves and the smell are the same. It seems to have shrunk – I remember towers of books above my head – but the tiles are the same ones I walked on three decades ago. There’s a self-service machine to return and borrow books, but there’s also still enthusiastic librarians who’ll find a book with the skimpiest of details.

I went yesterday, and borrowed three books, two of which I had on my to-buy list and one of which has proved to be a mistake. No matter, it hasn’t cost me anything to give it a try. One of my smaller resolutions is to make the most of my library this year, as I did when I was a small child and I wished and hoped that a favourite book would be returned or a new book would appear on the shelf.

In Praise of Libraries.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Relegating things to the attic after being slightly irritated by them for months.

Taking some action on repeal of the eighth amendment, albeit small.

Minimalism v Reality in the New York Times. A few months old but relevant to me now.

The Lam family, photographed over several years. Even though I don’t live in a small space, I’m intrigued by those who do and how they do it.

Making some New Year’s resolutions which are achievable, like saving a little more and exercising a little more.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Tiny Sparks of Joy

A lazy weekend. No plans, nowhere to be and a lot of putting up of feet.

The coffee we brought back from France last summer. Every cup reminds me of a lovely holiday.

Making resolutions I know I can stick to.

Looking forward to a week off work in March.

A return to a normal schedule, even if I’m not completely thrilled about my return to the office tomorrow.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Tiny Sparks of (New Year) Joy

Having the house back to non-Christmas normality. I was a little sad to say goodbye to our tree but it went off to recycling this afternoon.

Making resolutions which are realistic and which I’m confident I can stick to.

Organising and cleaning the fridge in preparation for a frugal January. We have a lot of food, we just need to change our mindset a little.

Black Mirror on Netflix. We’re a little backwards-having just finished season 4 we’ll now tackle season one. Piggate here we come.

Shredding documents whose relevance expired on 31 December. Always satisfying.

Tiny Sparks of (New Year) Joy

Musings for 2018.

I’m pretty happy about the opinion polls on repealing the eighth amendment. I wish the media would stop calling it the abortion referendum, however-it affects every single pregnancy.

I have continued to obsessively track the Mueller investigation via my subscription to the New York Times (the best money I spend each month), social media and political commentary. Rereading All The President’s Men again might be in order.

I’ve signed up for the Frugalwoods’ frugal challenge for January. It’s a little extreme for me but I would like to work on my finances a bit and January is a birthday, plan free zone for us most years.

I am glad to see the back of 2017, but then I was glad to see the back of 2016 for myriad reasons. I really hope something comes of the Mueller investigation, that we repeal the eighth and that my finances spark a lot of joy this day next year.

Musings for 2018.

Tiny Sparks of (Christmas) Joy

Meeting friends I only get to see once a year, and picking up exactly where we left off.

Mince pies. All the mince pies. Only having something available at certain times of the year is quite enjoyable.

Our Christmas tree getting droopier as the days go by, but keeping it up because it still looks pretty.

Every gift I received this year. All loved and appreciated.

Little Women. Enough said. A reread is also long overdue.

Tiny Sparks of (Christmas) Joy