Tiny Sparks of Joy

New wooden decorations from a company recommended to my by a zero waste fan. I want almost everything on MindfulandMaking.

Finishing library books and remembering how much I loved my twice weekly visits to the same library when I was a child.

An advent calendar stashed away for opening on 1 December.

Plans for every weekend from next week until Christmas. Plans in general make me feel better, as I realised in yesterday’s post.

Finding that tomorrow really is another day, and being very thankful that things have picked up somewhat since Thursday.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Tomorrow Is Another Day

There’s a lot not to like about Scarlett O’Hara but this phrase isn’t one of those things.

I’ve been having a week full to the brim of irritatingness, small and large.

I’m not in work tomorrow, for which I am truly thankful.

I have nowhere I have to be over the weekend and last weekend I did a tremendous cleaning job on my kitchen in preparation for Christmas baking.

Tomorrow is another day, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tiny Sparks of Joy

A week off work without anything urgent to do or places to go.

Sunshine in autumn and all the colours I love.

Opinion polls showing people are compassionate when they have the facts.

Halloween being over. It isn’t my favourite time of year, but I make the effort.

Following the above, cracking open my well loved Christmas CDs in the car.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

This Time Nine Months Ago

I could not:

  • Do a 40 minute spin class
  • Do a 20 minute kettlebell class
  • Do a 30 minute weight class

The main resolution I made at the end of last year was that this year I would put some sort of exercise regime in place. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had ups and downs, some days where I couldn’t face going, a sore back that put me out of action for a few weeks and a spin class that took me two weeks to get over.

It has all been worth it. I haven’t lost a lot of weight or dramatically changed my shape. I see it more as an investment in myself and my health. It’s a pretty nice feeling knowing what your body can be capable of when you work at it.

This Time Nine Months Ago

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Organising our filing system. By system, I mean the drawer wherein resides the Important Stuff we need to hang onto. Shredding is immensely satisfying.

Making six eggs stretch to cover baking, tea time sandwiches, lunch time fritters and breakfast pancakes. I’m determined to empty our fridge before we do more food shopping.

Hibernating in the house today and having a relaxing time of it, in between the various jobs we’ve meant to do for ages, like sorting out our attic which is currently our laundry room.

A week off work. Planning on some gym time, working on the photo books I’ve told myself to get going on and leisurely coffees with a book.

Knowing another unabridged Chalet School book is on the way. The collection nears ever closer to completion.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Starting Somewhere

We have a lot of photos. There are photos everywhere, on phones, on old SD cards, on current SD cards, in WhatsApp and Instagram accounts….there are too many to ever look at again, duplicates beyond count, many blurry images and many that spark no memories whatsoever – I have literally no idea who I’ve been photographed sitting next to at a college ball a decade and a half ago.

Last year, immediately following our holiday in France I made up a photo book, tweaked it a bit, left it sitting in the saved folder of the photo book company until I got a discount code that made it affordable enough, ordered it and that was our Christmas gift to each other. We’ve looked at it several time since and I’ve told myself one day I would eventually start organising our current holiday snaps.

Yesterday we had a rare weekday off together and the huge box of photos that had haunted and taunted me for months was taken down, dusted off and sorted out. I was a bit more clinical, a bit more ruthless and the main priority was getting the photos into some of the albums we had and getting rid of more and generally starting somewhere. I was inspired a little by this post from Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea leaves, in that in a world where we’re swamped by the photos we take the best plan is to Start Somewhere.

So we’ve started, and today I continued and there’s a half finished photo book for this years holiday lurking in the depths of a Snapfish account. I’m happy that at least its half finished, instead of never started.

Starting Somewhere

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Finally feeling slightly normal after the plague on our house this week. Mountains of washing and new pillows were necessary.

Sunshine and getting outside, even for a short time.

Finding things I thought were lost and feeling happy about not having to rebuy them.

Unexpected good customer service and a prompt and thoughtful response to a slightly ranty complaint email.

Adding another book to my Chalet School collection. I’m giving myself a slight bit of leeway on my frugal mission when editions pop up that I’ve never read.

Tiny Sparks of Joy