Tiny Sparks of Joy


Using everything up. Two not great old bags of coffee beans made one nice jar of ground coffee once they went through our grinder.

Homemade pizza on Saturday and Sunday.

Finally organising our photos and developing a system to manage the thousands of images we’ve accumulated over the years.

Getting myriad small jobs done once we actually decided to get started.

Drawers with nothing in them. Always nice to have extra space.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Sorting through the remains of the school year and planning more photobooks so we can recycle all this art guilt free. I adore the ones from Google photos I’ve ordered.

The glass backsplash we splurged on for our kitchen. It is beautiful and shiny and sleek and minimalist and I love it every time I look at it.

Holiday time on the way. France here we come (again).

This podcast episode. We don’t live in a small home but there’s always something to be gained from listening to how other people live their lives.

Eight weeks of maternity leave left. Going to focus on the joy of this and not the return to work.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

School’s Out….

…and I’ve been stopping to smell the roses, especially this one from our garden.

img_20190701_151828Along with the rose smelling, I’m getting through a gentle list of jobs and getting organised for our holiday next week. Whatever the psychology behind crossing things off a to do list is, it makes me more productive. Today’s jobs include sorting out a tiny mess in our sitting room and a much larger mess in my daughter’s room.

School’s Out….

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Another tidying festival, this time involving all the summer clothes I’ve held onto for year  but now actively dislike. Time for a small summer capsule wardrobe.

New sockets and switches in our lovely new kitchen.

Letting go, of physical and mental stuff.

Summer holidays being less than three weeks away.

Enjoying last year’s sparkling wine and the memories it sparks. Things have certainly changed a lot in a year, mostly for the better.

Tiny Sparks of Joy


Our kitchen looks like this,  but this is a vast improvement.

img_20190605_095616We have no sink, no hob, no floor and no proper plastered walls but I’m still happy. I have a newfound appreciation for access to running water in a convenient spot and I never thought I’d say this but I miss eating stuff which needs to be simmered in boiling water.

I’m looking forward to the new floors which will be fitted on Friday and the fancy countertops we decided to splash out on being fitted next week. I’m hoping the local builder who seems pretty reliable comes back sometime soon to fix the plaster, or lack thereof.

A new kitchen is an absolute luxury and despite all the hassle and irritation of having to wash stuff in the bath and fill water bottles 25 times a day, we’re very thankful we can improve our home like this.


Tiny Sparks of Joy


This sticky toffee pudding. Far too much but oh so delicious.

img_20190522_182509An easy read, free from my local library. Every time I get a book via the order system I marvel at the awesomeness of what’s available.


This mess, because it means the end of our gross stippled ceiling and progress towards a new kitchen.

And also these messes, because ditto. I’m trying to look beyond the whirlwind of stuff in every room in the house and concentrate on a nice end result.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

New Kitchen

Couldn’t think of a snappy title for this post so this one will have to do. After three years in our house, our new kitchen is on the way. In a fortnight I’ll have said goodbye to a tiled floor that I curse daily, a giant fridge which doesn’t seem to have enough space, weird triangle shaped narrow cupboards and peeling veneer that I’ve never liked.

In preparation, I’ve started doing this:


The Ikea storage boxes we bought eight years ago for our wedding and which have served us through two house moves are currently being pressed into service for a kitchen clear out. I had decluttered a lot of stuff before we moved and during what I thought was a ruthless organisation session last year but there is still a lot of stuff. I’ve been weeding out the stuff which I know I won’t use because I haven’t used it in the three years we’ve lived her.

I’ve also started doing stuff like this:


Clearing out our cupboards of eatables and drinkables is satisfying. I’ve had two bags of coffee beans for a very long time. I found a coffee bean grinder mid clear out and put it to use. The first grinding was only ok, I’ll try the second tomorrow. Either way, the coffee will be drunk as we’re nearly at the end of the stash we picked up on holidays last year in France.

This is a boring yet satisfying process. I’m tempted to leave everything in the boxes for a few weeks, only retrieving what we actively want in a given moment, in order to see how little we actually need.

New Kitchen