Tiny Sparks of Joy


Making scones. Every time I make them I wonder why I don’t make them more. I used up a random packet of glacé cherries because why not.

Finishing a project that Wrecked My Head and being pretty pleased with the results which arrived this morning.

A clear bed in the spare room. It doesn’t happen often and it doesn’t last long but it’s nice when it does.

Taking myself firmly in hand as per this post and booking myself a dentist appointment for tomorrow. I’m dreading it but it has to be done and the sooner I go the sooner it’ll be over. Trying to tell myself this sparks joy to take the fear away.

The new series of Derry Girls. The music brings me right back to my teen years, and I’m able to laugh at myself. A lot.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

Painful Necessities

Marjorie has many cases in her books, and one such case has her budget divided into her different requirements, one of which is painful necessities. Under this category, I would include visits to the dentist. I have a terrible fear of the dentist, why I do not know. Perhaps it was long hours spent waiting in the orthodontist’s office or having an allergic reaction to a painkiller when I needed some teeth extracted.

If you, like me, have put off going to the dentist for whatever reason, please make an appointment today. If the dentist you visit isn’t an orchid, please keep looking until you find one who is. I required some medium-level intervention because of my long-fingering of dental treatment and a stitch in time would have saved nine (well, more like five deep fillings in my case). Had I felt the fear and done it anyway at an earlier stage, I would probably not have needed the treatment I did.

However, now I have mended my ways, and every time I have a check up at which everything is found to be fine I make another appointment for a check up within six months. I took my dentist’s advice and use these alongside regular brushing to keep my teeth in good repair. I have had a load lifted since I forced myself back to the dentist’s chair. The fear of what I might need done stopped me going for a long time, but once I had a treatment plan in place, got the treatment and continued my check ups, my worries about my teeth all but disappeared. I won’t pretend I enjoy going to the dentist, but at least the dread of what might lurk in my mouth has gone.

Painful Necessities