Great With Child

I am 36 weeks pregnant. It is a weird experience, even though this is my third pregnancy and I know how lucky I am to be at this stage. I didn’t write about my other two pregnancies at all and a lot of what I thought was seared into my brain has been half or wholly forgotten.

Things which I haven’t forgotten:

  • That I would be answering the question ‘How long have you got left’ and variations thereof multiple times a day.
  • See also: answering the question ‘Do you know what you’re having’ multiple times a day.
  • Peeing multiple times a day.


Things which I had forgotten or might just be more obvious this time around given that its five years to the day since I was last pregnant:

  • How uncomfortable I am at night.
  • How exhausting basic tasks can seem.
  • The time I spend wondering if everything will be ok.

In short, I am both thoroughly sick of being pregnant and mildly terrified at the thought of having a newborn baby on the other side of my uterus again.

Great With Child