And so to bed…..

img_20190408_211608Himself and I love our bed. When we first started living together we went to Ikea, had a go of a mattress with memory foam and never looked back. It’s probably one of our all time favourite purchases. It’s big enough for all of us to squeeze into (just about).

We’ve had baby Orchid in our room since we came home from the hospital. He would start out the night in a co-sleeper (which a friend very kindly loaned me) and invariably end up sleeping with us after the wee small hours because I am too lazy (mainly) and it’s not recommended (somewhat) to put in the spadework of sleep training a very tiny baby.

Baby Orchid outgrew the co-sleeper and slipped from being a pretty okay sleeper to what can only be described as woejus. We were all waking up several times a night, we woke him when we got ready for bed and he wasn’t getting enough sleep. So over the weekend we tried him in his cot in his own room and … it worked! He sleeps, we sleep, it’s all very, very good.

I treated us to some fancy new bedlinen and yesterday I put the new duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets on the bed. We luxuriated in the glory that is fresh sheets, a room that feels about two meters bigger thanks to the co-sleeper having been packed away and we slept. Oh how we slept. It. Was. Glorious.

And so to bed…..

Tiny Sparks of Joy

cofThinking about possibly, maybe getting a new kitchen. I have an appointment with the Ikea kitchen planning service next week.

Using my new madeleine pan and eating the delicious results. Why did I wait so long to get one?

A completely new set of sheets on our bed and a freshly clean and tidy bedroom.

A Grand Stretch In The Evening. And the morning. More daylight is always welcome.

Finally getting around to listening to Slow Burn, season 2. It’s making me think a lot about things. And how and why I think the way I do about things.

Tiny Sparks of Joy

There’s No Place Like Home

We had an amazing time on holidays in France. We were glad every day we decided to go for the nicer mobile home with the bigger bed. We loved eating every single meal outside. But we both agreed that getting into our own bed after nearly three weeks away and a return journey which took 26 hours that our mattress and bedlinen are sheer bliss and worth every single penny.

We bought the mattress eight years ago, just before I pretended I wasn’t moving in with my now husband. I insisted on getting a bigger bed for the apartment he was moving to so we hustled out to Ikea and lay down on some mattresses. We learned several things that day, including:

  1. We could survive a trip to Ikea as a couple.
  2. Not all mattresses are created equal.
  3. Mattresses with memory foam toppers are something we both agree are the most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever been on.

So we bought the mattress and a bed frame which was about one quarter the price of the mattress and we slept happily ever after. And we look forward to returning to it no matter how good the holiday has been.

There’s No Place Like Home

A Weekend During Which I Took To My Bed

I was poorly this past weekend. Nothing I can put my finger on but by Saturday afternoon my eyes were so tired I had to take out my contact lenses and Sunday consisted of lying prostrate on my incredibly comfortable bed, reading my ever expanding collection of Chalet School books and periodically enjoying tea and toast.

Marjorie is quite clear on what a lady should do when feeling unwell and illustrates same in her Cases. Lucky for me, I don’t live alone while trying to like it and my husband was a superb nurse. I’ve rallied since but my exercise regime has gone by the wayside for a few days now and getting to and from work is as energetic as I got today.

Thankfully, on arriving in work my spirits were lifted by a padded envelope on my desk, wherein was a copy of yet another Chalet School book I’d preordered from Girls Gone By. I must stop myself ordering any more until I’ve read my (slightly odd in terms of their ordering compared to the series numbers) latest pile. I will give a shout out to Encore Books though. Impressive service, right down to a refund on a delivery charge and a nice little message with the order docket. Will use again.

A Weekend During Which I Took To My Bed