Definitely cliché, but I’m hoping writing them down will help.

  • Go to the gym three times a week. I’m starting with a personal trainer session tomorrow afternoon.
  • Write things on the calendar so I’m not constantly wondering if I’m missing something. This one is going pretty well so far.
  • Continue to leave my phone upstairs every evening. I enjoy TV and chats so much more without the constant scrolling.
  • Use the library a lot more. I love our local library and it sparks joy every time I visit.
  • Eat vegetarian at least once a week. December was a Month of Meat.




Consumption, 2018 Edition.

I must have been feeling the same way I do today this time last year, as on 2 January I wrote about consumption, something I’m pondering again today.

Last year, I did reduce consumption. I used up the shampoos I had, even if I didn’t really like them, and then bought a single shampoo bar which lasted months. I used up skincare products and when they were gone I started on The Ordinary range, which I love. I bought no new clothes for our summer holiday, having discovered many bikinis I had forgotten about and being content with well worn summer outfits from years gone by. I bought few new clothes overall, and made a determined effort to make do before I realised I had to buy something.

We reduced our food waste and I reduced my spending on food at work. I got more organised about bringing lunches (and breakfasts, dinners and snacks when required) with me to the office, toting them in a free bag I got when I made a complaint to a company. We ate out less, but did spend a lot on two spectacular meals at Heron and Grey without any regret. We’ve joined the waiting list for this year. I made great use of a travel mug for coffees at my desk and the occasional takeaway treat.

I’m still a work in progress. December wasn’t a restrained month in any way, and I do feel some of the money, time and effort was wasted. However, I’m quite pleased with the direction in which I’m going and where we’re headed as a couple for the year. I’m not the only one who’s thinking about their shopping habits, as this New York Times piece shows.

Next on the list for a review is my consumption of daily events significant and minor. There is TOO MUCH.

Consumption, 2018 Edition.

Musings for 2018.

I’m pretty happy about the opinion polls on repealing the eighth amendment. I wish the media would stop calling it the abortion referendum, however-it affects every single pregnancy.

I have continued to obsessively track the Mueller investigation via my subscription to the New York Times (the best money I spend each month), social media and political commentary. Rereading All The President’s Men again might be in order.

I’ve signed up for the Frugalwoods’ frugal challenge for January. It’s a little extreme for me but I would like to work on my finances a bit and January is a birthday, plan free zone for us most years.

I am glad to see the back of 2017, but then I was glad to see the back of 2016 for myriad reasons. I really hope something comes of the Mueller investigation, that we repeal the eighth and that my finances spark a lot of joy this day next year.

Musings for 2018.

This Time Nine Months Ago

I could not:

  • Do a 40 minute spin class
  • Do a 20 minute kettlebell class
  • Do a 30 minute weight class

The main resolution I made at the end of last year was that this year I would put some sort of exercise regime in place. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had ups and downs, some days where I couldn’t face going, a sore back that put me out of action for a few weeks and a spin class that took me two weeks to get over.

It has all been worth it. I haven’t lost a lot of weight or dramatically changed my shape. I see it more as an investment in myself and my health. It’s a pretty nice feeling knowing what your body can be capable of when you work at it.

This Time Nine Months Ago

Day One

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to be happier with myself. I haven’t been particularly happy with my body’s shape for some time, so I joined a gym and today was my fitness assessment. Seeing the numbers written down simply confirmed what I knew already. I need to work on myself for a little while.

So for me, this is almost like the new year a couple of days early. I’m going to go to a class in the morning and have a personal training session on Tuesday. Scheduling in gym time will be a challenge for me because of the myriad other claims on my time and an ever so slightly manic work timetable, but I am determined.

Day One