Simplicity and Its Enemy

img_20190808_101311Since I moved out of home, my beds have always had white bedlinen. Some of it was whatever was the cheapest cotton option I could afford at the time, some of it is Fancy Bedlinen from Fancy Brand Names. I love the simplicity of it, and the fact that even if the shades and textures are slightly different it still looks co-ordinated and crisp.

These bundles are all the bedlinen we own which fits our fabulous king size bed, excepting the set currently on the bed. There is too much of it, far too much. Some of it is getting worn and yellow. Some of it doesn’t feel quite as nice as it should.

One of my missions for the next month is to work through this pile and reduce it to exactly what we need. We don’t need nearly 30 pillowcases, for example, and for some reason we have twice as many fitted sheets as flat sheets. We left one particularly well loved white duvet cover behind in France. Just because we have the space doesn’t mean we should keep everything.

The main thing holding me back from letting a good proportion of this excess go it that I’m not quite sure where it should go. The clothes recycling point in our area doesn’t take sheets. The zero waste Facebook group I’m in doesn’t have a lot of leads. There’s only so many cloth wipes we need, baby still in nappies notwithstanding. I’m sure someone has a use for well loved slightly yellow cotton sheets.


Simplicity and Its Enemy

2 thoughts on “Simplicity and Its Enemy

  1. No suggestions for worn-out sheets, but like your point about decluttering. Its always good to work out what would be reasonable – 2 x sets of pillowcases (one to use, one in the wash) and then stare in amazement at how many we actually have!


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