On Pulling Your Head Out Of The Sand

I am very good at making plans, less so at following through on them. This weekend I’ve forced myself to confront a few things that I’ve long fingered for far too long, For years I’ve made vague promises to myself to get more organised about my finances. I’ve tiptoed around these promises for too long, but actually taking action took hardly any time at all.

Likewise, despite my efforts at decluttering and living with less stuff still means more to me than it should. This is loosely linked to my finances, as I have a fear that I’ll get rid of something that might be worth something some day (I blame the Antiques Roadshow) or that I’ll end up needing to replace something I gave away. Last weekend and this I’ve tackled this ongoing life project head on. We have a new baby on the way and I need to sort through mounds of stuff. I gave away a lot before we moved house but there’s still a lot left to sift through.

I’m getting more and more ruthless with the stuff though. Things I know I wasn’t wildly happy with the first two times have been donated or recycled. I’ve used a zero waste Facebook group to pass on things I haven’t needed. One plus is that I took a leaf out of The Frugalwoods and decided to see if, like me, people were looking to pass along unwanted baby stuff and a baby carrier was mine within hours and arrived in the post today. I have done and will pay the generosity forward.

The battle of the stuff and the finances continues. Taking the first few steps is immensely satisfying though.

On Pulling Your Head Out Of The Sand

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