Wardrobe Refresh

My actual wardrobe, that is, not the clothes and accessories therein. I don’t love our fitted wardrobes. They came with the house and they aren’t a layout I would choose. They take up an entire wall of our bedroom, yet we don’t seem to have enough storage. There are no drawers, only shelves and oddly positioned hangers. We cannot justify the expense and bother of changing them because they are perfectly fine and don’t cause a huge amount of stress or thought.

I’ve been rearranging the wardrobes since we moved in last year, never to my complete satisfaction. Today I had some time to spare and tackled them again. I removed a couple of hanging rails and put an old Ikea Expedit 2×2 cube unit in their place inside the wardrobe, thereby giving myself some extra storage options and creating a nice spot for my handbags and jewellery box. This meant freeing up some shelves, and was a good opportunity to put some rarely used things (like the heated rollers that spark some joy but I last used on New Year’s Eve) in the less accessible spots.

I reorganised our shoes so they’re all in one spot and I sorted through my husbands suits and shirts, matching pants to jackets and putting some winter things elsewhere. We can now squeeze our linens for our holiday into the bottom of his wardrobe and free up space in our spare bedroom.

I still don’t love the wardrobe but in the spirit of Konmari, I thanked it for its service and I do appreciate that this is the kind of thing I can spend my time doing on a beautiful summer day.

Wardrobe Refresh

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Refresh

  1. How does your husband feel about the rearrange? I feel you on the lack of space. We have a walk in closet that hardly fits one person and a dresser to the side. Most of our stuff ends up on the couch or dresser top. I think it’ll be one of my future projects.

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    1. Hi Alyssa,
      My husband and I got rid of a LOT of our stuff before we moved house last year, in terms of clothes we donated/recycled about half of what we once had between us. He loves having fewer things and finds it much easier and quicker to find what he needs. I realised once we moved that we didn’t need more storage, we just needed less stuff and to use what we have more creatively-a big part of this was following the Konmari method, in which she advocates not buying specific storage unless you’ve completed the process. Hope that helps, and good luck with the project!

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      1. Oh yes! I’ve read the book. I love the idea of only keeping things we love. Perhaps I can inspire the both of us to take it on. Thanks for getting back to me.

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