Dutch Oven Bread

I’ve read a few things about baking bread in a Dutch oven AKA a casserole dish. Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge because I had all the ingredients to hand. I followed the instructions (except for using warmer water than I used) and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. I’m going to mix another batch tonight and vary the recipe slightly.

Bread and salted butter is one of my favourite things to eat. For zero waste purposes, I’ve been buying bread from a local bakery and a bakery I pass on my way to work. It’s an expensive but delicious option. However, for budget purposes I’m going to try bread this way for a couple of weeks and perfect my technique.

I used this recipe and we have this casserole dish in blue, bought about seven years ago. I’m going to reuse the parchment paper I used to line the casserole dish to stop the bread sticking. I’m also going to use warmer water and flatten the dough a little more before baking next time.

Dutch Oven Bread

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