No Shampoo Update

In June last year, I gave up washing my hair with shampoo. I lasted until just before Christmas with water only. I felt it was a good run to see if the no shampoo thing would work for me. I wanted a haircut and in all honestly I wouldn’t expect any hairdresser to willingly touch my hair. It had a greasy, waxy texture and it just didn’t look or feel particularly clean. I caved the day before my appointment and used an old half-finished bottle of shampoo I decided to keep ‘just in case’ to wash my hair. I’ve been using the same bottle ever since, as I now wash about once a week on average.

This week, I bought a Lush shampoo bar which fits nicely with my zero waste efforts as it comes in no packaging at all and I can fit it into an old tin I had saved for just such a purpose. I used it for the first time yesterday and this one time use was good. It’s a little fiddly to use but I can get over that. I’ll see how long I can stretch between washes using this type of shampoo. If I can manage a week with the creative use of some scarves I’ll be happy.

No Shampoo Update

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