The Morris Dance

High on my to-list for the next couple of weeks thanks to a lighter than usual work schedule was even more decluttering and organising. I know I should have been done with all of this by now but various life events have meant that some things are still stored ‘just in case’. Today I consolidated some of the stuff, most of it is going off to the charity shop, some is in the WTF pile and will be tossed unceremoniously into the clothes recycling bank tomorrow and whatever was left has been squeezed into one and a bit storage bags.

I’ve rearranged some wardrobe space, found stuff I really shouldn’t have forgotten about that needed a new spot or to be discarded, dusted the shelves and felt a little better. Tomorrow I’ll offer some of the useful to others but not to me right now things to others who might be interested and I’ll enjoy knowing they’ll be headed off to be used instead of stored.

I continue to cling onto some things that are neither beautiful or useful despite my own thoughts which are very much shared by others. I know at heart I am a natural hoarder, I love stuff and now I don’t have to pare down because our space is so much larger. I guess the more minimalist side of myself is winning a bit though because even since I started writing this post I’ve made up my mind that some of the ‘maybe’ things can go.

The Morris Dance

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