It’s Time To Rearrange

The kitchen in our house isn’t a room I’ve ever loved or even liked a lot. It’s slightly worn, the cabinets aren’t a style I’d choose, the layout isn’t what works for how I use the room and it sparks little or no joy. When we first moved in I planned on getting the cabinets repainted, but time went by and the two samples the painter dropped in sat on a shelf and I decided I wasn’t going to put money into a kitchen that I hoped wouldn’t be around long term.

This weekend I had enough of looking at our two recycling bins which had taken up permanent residence in front of our large sliding door. I decided there and then that perhaps a tiny fix might help me like the space a bit better. I decluttered two catch-all cupboards that tend to rain tupperware containers, which enabled me to clear the space under the sink to stow the box for paper and plastic recycling and I squashed our food recycling under the oven. Already the space feels a little bigger and I just have to remember to empty the recycling a little more often.

So a tiny set of changes can make a difference, but that still hasn’t stopped me using the Ikea kitchen planner during quiet times and daydreaming about replacing what I have now. The bigger change can wait.

It’s Time To Rearrange

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