Decluttering, once again

I thought we’d gotten rid of as much as possible before we moved and during the process of unpacking and organising our new home months ago. However, I went to look for something a few days ago and it never turned up, which made me realise I still have too much stuff.

So this past weekend has involved yet more decluttering and sorting and reorganising. It is getting easier and easier to let things go, and vow to bring less into the house in the future. Thanks to a pair of new-to-us curtains, our sitting room looks and feels cosier, especially with the weather we’ve been having lately. I have a brand new oven to start my Christmas baking in and some tidier kitchen cupboards has reignited my baking interest.

I love stuff. I really do. I want all the things, in every colour possible. I’ve retrained myself to enjoy our home’s deliberately neutral (and ever so slightly boring) palette. It’s restful and kind of ensures everything goes together, which makes me less tempted to feel like I have to buy new curtains and cushions to match every time we change things around a bit.

Decluttering, once again

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