More Adventures In Zero Waste

We love cheese, and there is a great cheese shop not far from work where I can choose exactly what I want and have it wrapped in paper. The only downside is the expense. The cheese is delicious, but it costs a lot more than our usual prewrapped supermarket options. I think for me the cost is worth it though-it seems more precious in smaller quantities and we seem to savour it more.

The fruit and vegetable box we’ve been getting delivered is also more expensive than our previous supermarket run. It’s nice getting surprised by things you probably wouldn’t buy. I didn’t particularly enjoy the squash we got last week, but the tart I made with the leaves and stalks of the beetroots was a revelation and I’ll be making one this week.

It turns out crackers are incredibly easy to make and I’ve done two batches over the past week, one with wholewheat flour and another with white. I’ll tweak the basic recipe I found online, and experiment with rolling the dough much more thinly but they beat the fancy artisan crackers I’ve been disappointed by hands down and a much cheaper alternative.

We’ve been eating a lot less meat since I’ve made a special trip to the butcher with my own containers, so our spend is way down. We’re enjoying eating more veggie options packed with beans and stretching our meat over many more meals than we did before. Health wise, this can only be a good thing.

My no shampoo project continues. I still don’t love it. My hair isn’t amazing me with it’s natural beauty and I’m still only continuing it because of my stubborn streak. Getting rid of deodorant in favour of sweet almond oil with a few lemon essential oil drops is still working just fine.

More Adventures In Zero Waste

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