Further Adventures In Zero Waste

I have to admit I fell off the zero waste bandwagon in a big way when we got back from holidays and we were out of our routine. I’ve pulled back big time the past couple of weeks and it feels more like I’m heading in the right direction.

My no shampoo experiment seems to finally be going in the right direction. I’m still not entirely delighted with my hair and I’ve yet to wear it down anywhere but at home, but I can see a difference in the grease levels. I’ve continued not using deodorant and instead made up a lemon scented oil in the bottle of body oil I finished. It took a small bottle of sweet almond oil from the health shop near me in work and a few drops of a lemon essential oil and hey presto, I can smell like lemon boiled sweets every day, which is a good thing in my book.

Food wise, I’ve been pleased with the Green Earth Organics fruit and vegetables we got delivered. It’s quite nice that the food doesn’t last indefinitely and it makes me wonder what’s in the stuff I’ve been buying to make it last so long in the crisper section of our fridge. As we eat a lot of fruit, I’ve topped up the box with loose fruit from out local supermarket and one near my workplace, along with some insanely cheap chilis and ginger from the Asian supermarket.

I’ve decided to put off buying clothes until I get properly back into running and reach a place I’m happy with body wise. My current clothes all fit me and I’ve made myself wear stuff I had been keeping on hangers for no good reason. It almost feels like I have too much right now. I did cave and bought a REPEAL sweater and I have no regrets. For some reason, I felt nervous about wearing it after the march but I did so on Friday and it feels good to be getting off the fence in a public way.

Further Adventures In Zero Waste

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