I Don’t Usually Love Cheesecake But…

Last night I had a great evening of eating, drinking and chatting with friends. I had found it a little difficult to get a reservation, so we ended up eating in San Lorenzo’s. I’ve eaten here a couple of times before, and on the last occasion I had brunch and then we decided to split a slice of cheesecake. I am not a fan of cheesecake-I like my cream cheese on bagels, with or without smoked salmon, but definitely not whipped with gelatine and/or baked into a sugary dessert. However, the Nutella cheesecake I split over brunch with one of my very best friends was delicious.

Amazingly delicious, so much so that when we had already eaten starters and main courses last night, I waxed lyrical about this cheesecake so much I talked the others around to splitting one slice between the three of us. It’s a very rich dessert and we had Irish coffees too, so one slice was more than enough. But it was as delicious as I remembered, maybe even more so because I had the delight of expectation to add to the deliciousness. If you’re going there, have the cheesecake, even if you don’t like cheesecake.

It isn’t often I’m out two nights in a row these days. I’m as happy watching TV while doing the ironing sometimes. I am looking forward to another dinner out with friends tonight though, even if it’s a different restaurant that doesn’t have Nutella cheesecake on the menu.

I Don’t Usually Love Cheesecake But…

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