This Was Not A Day Of Rest But It Was Relaxing.

I thought I’d decluttered as much as I could before we moved, but it turns out even someone who’s gotten rid of about half her stuff can still pare down further. Today I decided the Random Boxes Of Stuff that have a habit of accumulating like dustballs under a bed needed to go.

I’ve chucked out makeup I’ve been only half interested in using for months. I’ve collected all the hair stuff I no longer use since I stopped using shampoos, organised it into a box and put it in a bathroom cabinet-it was expensive and I’m not going to throw it out immediately resulting in me needing to rebuy various bits and bobs. I tidied all the hair ties and pins I’ve had on heavy rotation since the aforementioned no shampoo journey into a small metal box that contained lime leaves only 15 months out of date.

I’ve rejigged our spare room to a setup more of my liking and sorted through bedlinen. We moved a chest of drawers that had been in another room into our spare room, it works great and means we don’t need to buy anything else for storage. Given the consolidated linen collection, there are two spare drawers for guests.

I’ve chucked out out of date medication (well, not so much chucked as bagged for disposal the next time I’m in a pharmacy), sorted out our tiny ensuite bathroom shelves and I’m delighting in a clutter-free bedside table. I’ve a bag of items others have told me they’ll use ready to leave the house tomorrow.

This has been relaxing, in a strange way. Getting rid of all the things we don’t need, use, like or want and either recycling them or sending them on to those who will use them is a very good feeling.

I’m not quite finished and I have held onto one broken item that can’t be repaired, but it still sparks joy as it was the first Valentine’s day present my husband gave me, back when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. It may seem a little strange to keep it, given my decluttering zeal, but sometimes my heart rules my head. It has a new home nestled among the silk scarves I rediscovered during a previous session of sorting stuff out, and now wear regularly because of my new hair situation. I’ll see it every day and I’ll still think happy thoughts.

This Was Not A Day Of Rest But It Was Relaxing.

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