Use It Anyway

When we moved house, I insisted on bringing a rather large and unwieldy solid pine wardrobe with us. It had travelled with me from my parents’ house to the first house I lived in when I moved out of home, and I really wanted to bring it to our current home. The movers couldn’t get it up the stairs at first, and then it wouldn’t fit through the door into our oddly shaped spare room where I’d planned on putting it.

So, it ended up in our dining room, not where I thought it would. I had no idea what one does with a wardrobe in one’s dining room, and thought about perhaps having our coats in it and using it for much loved but seldom used crockery. Then, inspirations struck.

Thus, the winedrobe. I’ve stacked several of these wine racks inside and the shelves now hold various other bottles and boxes. It still looks like a wardrobe, but it’s growing on me as part of our dining room furniture and it’s very, very useful considering how much wine we brought back after our holiday. It also has the bonus of being one of very few non-Ikea pieces of furniture in our home.

Use It Anyway

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