You Do Not Need That Salad Spinner/Drainer/Tablecloth

We’ve been lucky enough to be given a bed for our spare room and my task for this week has been to organise this space into a presentable room for guests. As the room has a mix and match of curtains and light fitting I decided plain white bedlinen was the way to go and after a quicker than expected trip to buy sheets and a duvet cover I found myself with some extra time on my hands.

Thus, IKEA. Our house has, through a combination of budget and taste, started to resemble the IKEA catalogue. I’ve therefore been reluctant to bring ever more IKEA into our home and try to limit my purchases. A trip through the market hall in IKEA usually results in a well filled trolley, however.

Today I actually managed to restrain myself a lot more than usual. I got used to the handiness of a salad spinner when on holidays, and was tempted by one I spotted. I then gave myself a stern talking to, and reminded myself my tea towels do pretty much the same job. Ditto the tempting drainer, when I should really use the same tea towels to dry the dishes and put them away.

We have a very large table, which expands still further when we have lots of guests, and I’ve struggled to find a table cloth than works. I was tempted by a plain white linen one and then removed it from my basket. I already have a tablecloth that works fine when the table doesn’t have extra leaves and I’m starting to enjoy the patina that the table has developed over the years of meals and cups of tea and projects that we’ve done on it.

I came away with some things I do need, like an extra wine rack to house some of the 150+ bottles of wine we tucked into our car on the way home from France and a couple of spare pillows for our new to us bed. The other thing I declined was a bedside table. We have two spare chairs and one will serve perfectly well as a bedside table when we have guests sleep over. Use what you have before buying is my mantra from now on.

You Do Not Need That Salad Spinner/Drainer/Tablecloth

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