Holiday Planning

I love planning for a holiday almost as much as the actual time away. We’re going to France on Monday and I’ve honed my packing plan based on last year. We’re not bringing any suitcases because we are bringing our car and want to fit in as much wine as possible on the return journey, so we’re vacuum packing our stuff and bringing as little as possible. Other lessons well learned from last year include keeping the clothes to a minimum and washing halfway through, bringing the rainjackets to cope with unseasonal showers and wearing backpacks on the ferry to keep our hands free. My trusty Longchamp backpack will of course be coming with me.

Having dipped my toes into a more pared back wardrobe approach, I have limited options for my holiday clothing, but I have everything I need and I’ll make do. I learned from last year I won’t need any fancy clothes or shoes, and I don’t think I applied makeup the entire time so that’s staying home too.

Our decluttering has paid dividends in terms of holiday paperwork. Everything we need is directly to hand and there’s been no panic at all. I think I need to bring a little more of my enthusiasm for holiday planning to other areas of my life that could do with a bit more organisation.

Holiday Planning

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