Stuff I Find Useful

Many months ago, perhaps even a year or more, I got two sentimental items framed. The nature of the things being framed meant they needed large, quite bulky frames, and the framer told me the only way they’d sit properly on a wall was to buy velcro strips. I thanked him for the tip and brought the framed things home. Every time I saw them in various locations, from the tops of cupboards to dusty floors, in our car when we moved house and then on top of the wardrobes in bedrooms I’d sternly remind myself to buy those strips and get the things up on the walls.

I finally got around to ordering them and last Friday I hung five pictures within much less than the clearly stated 30 minute waiting period between sticking the strips to the picture and sticking them on the wall. The rooms look better, the sense of satisfaction from getting a long overdue job done was immense and I can highly recommend these little strips of velcro to anyone who needs a foolproof way of hanging an awkward item.

Stuff I Find Useful

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