The Baby-Sitters Club Club

I adored the Babysitters Club (that’s how I’m styling it) books in school. I was a major reader anyway, but these books were in a league of their own. I spent my pocket money on them and swapped with friends to read the harder to get ones.

When I stumbled on What Claudia Wore over a decade after I stopped reading the books (yes, I can freely admit I reread them as a grown up person and laughed heartily many times at the crazy outfit descriptions and having an 11 year old babysit your children) it was such a fun read I would regularly spend more time than I should have reading about Claudia Kishi.

Then, I read about The Baby-Sitters Club Club podcast and I was beyond excited. My current work set up means I can listen to this while doing my tasks and suppress my laughter as I can confidently say my cubicle colleagues would not understand this even a small bit. I’m listening to episode three as I write this. It is hilarious.

The Baby-Sitters Club Club

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