A Place For Everything

My decluttering and organising continues. Having tied up a lot of loose ends recently, I’ve been able to sort through paperwork and shred most of it. Our shredder is tiny, only handles four folded A4 sheets at a time and needs frequent breaks to cool down. This means plenty of in-between time for sorting through everything.

I found an old post office savings books in amongst the papers, and today I went to close the account and collect the 13 years of interest that had accumulated-a whopping total of 88 cent. I opened that account when I was eight and it was pretty exciting to have a little book that told me exactly how much money I had to my name at the time. This was one of many moments that sparked reminisces.

It’s strange how printed papers can throw up so many memories. Old credit card statements, contracts for loans I paid back over a decade ago and a few stray personal documents all made me take stock and while I wasn’t quite laughing or crying, it was an oddly fun trip down memory lane.

I’m almost done. Our small filing cabinet (which I was delighted to discover wasn’t beyond repair once I emptied it, wiped it clean and found a stray part to reconnect the wires holding the dividers in place) now has a place for everything. Our holiday documents are immediately to hand. Our house documents are easily reached. There’s no hidden bills or reminders of more foolish expenditure haunting it. It feels nice to be organised like this.

A Place For Everything

One thought on “A Place For Everything

  1. […] Our decluttering has paid dividends in terms of holiday paperwork. Everything we need is directly to hand and there’s been no panic at all. I think I need to bring a little more of my enthusiasm for holiday planning to other areas of my life that could do with a bit more organisation. […]


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