More Adventures In Zero Waste

We’ve been pretty happy with the fruit and vegetable boxes we’ve been having delivered over the past few weeks and having to get a bit creative has resulted in some tasty meals. I’m not even going to pretend we’re going vegetarian as we love our meat and fish dishes, but we have cut back and I’ve been using my own containers in the butcher and fishmonger to eliminate packaging.

Bar soap has been another interesting departure. I have to admit I turned my nose up at my husband’s purchase of a large pack of soap some years ago and remained stubbornly loyal to shower gel, but I am a full convert to bar soap. I’ve stopped using shampoo completely so I haven’t needed to buy any hair products for some time, and I’m using my old bottle of tea tree oil conditioner as a shaving foam for the moment.

Going zero waste can be time consuming and expensive. I’ve been frustrated that it costs me more to buy loose fruit and vegetables sometimes than the plastic wrapped options and I’ve had to forgo some things or feel guilty about buying others because of the waste I’m generating. I won’t say I’m completely in love with the process, but it has made me think a lot more about what we bring into our home and how we can use what we have, be it food, clothes or furniture, in different ways.

More Adventures In Zero Waste

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