The Art of Discarding

We spent most of this weekend getting our house in order. I thought we’d managed to get rid of most of our unwanted trash and treasures before we moved house, but it turns out unwanted and no longer needed stuff has a habit of popping up wherever you are. Our shredder needed a lot of rests between shifts (it is a pretty tiny one and only handles a few sheets at a time, but it does the job), our recycling bins are full and we’ve slowly managed to get our place back into some kind of order.

I’ve posted about this before but it really cannot be stated enough how liberating letting go of your stuff is, especially when you can send it along to someone who wants it rather than simply tossing it. I’ve also been using up all of the vegetables in our fridge before restocking and it turns out having to make something out of food that may have seen better days can result in some tasty meals for today and a large pot of soup for tomorrow.

The Art of Discarding

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