Adventures In Zero Waste

I’ve been on a mission to reduce my consumption and, by extension, the waste I generate. I’ve already given up deodorant and using shampoo, I’ve switched to bar soap and I’ve ordered a couple of boxes of fruit and vegetables to be delivered to our home, most of which is packaging free. I’ve been bringing my own cloths and containers when I buy bread and meat, and I’m using up what we have before buying anything new.

I won’t lie, it has been a challenge. I haven’t found any package free pasta and I’m not yet brave enough to make my own. I’m not a talented baker of bread and I have a lot of tinned stuff to get through before I can stock up on less packaged food. I don’t love my hair right now, as it is waxy and I can’t wear it down because it looks awful. I shall persevere however, and I’m taking it in small, manageable steps.

Adventures In Zero Waste

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