Hanging Around

Having moved house some time ago now, we decided this weekend it was past time to get some of the small and not very time consuming stuff done. Like hanging up pictures, which had been sitting on the floor of the attic room for week. We’ve accumulated a nice collection and I’ve learned that paying for custom framing often works out cheaper in the end, as the Ikea frames I’m sometimes tempted by either end up being unsuitable or fall to pieces within a relatively short space of time.

I get all our framing done by the The Frame Factory and I can recommend them for all jobs big and small. They’ve recommended different approaches to framing for different pictures and made some amazing frames for my sentimental items that required frames that you cannot buy off the shelf. Our amazing wedding photographer’s pictures look even more amazing with the custom frames-and the suggestion of a slightly different mont for the black and white photos made an unbelieving difference.

I’m all about supporting small local businesses that provide a quality service, and today we realised one much loved picture was in a hideous pine frame. The frame will go to the charity shop (one person’s trash, etc.) and I’ll make a trip to The Frame Factory for something much more suited to the print. Getting these small jobs done sparks a lot of joy when you can see the fruits of your labour on the wall.

Hanging Around

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