This Is What Happens When You Give Up Shampoo

I made a decision to stop using shampoo about a week ago. I’m somewhat of a bandwagon jumper when it comes to green trends and cutting back on waste, so I did very little research and only took success stories into account. Paris To Go has been my main read for this experiment and I’ve decided not to go down the road of using baking soda and apple cider vinegar combinations for the moment.

I gave up deodorant some time ago and I’ve managed fine. I won’t lie, I do smell a bit after a run or a particularly sweaty day in the office, but nothing that I think is offensive enough to warrant going back to spraying my underarms with chemicals.

The shampoo detox is another matter. My hair is greasy and feels terrible. I’ve even resorted to digging out some headscarves that have been tucked away for a couple of years to cover up the mess that is my head. The plus side is that I’m getting more creative with how to deal with hair that must be tucked up and away as much as possible and I confided in a friend what I was up to so she didn’t assume I’d gone a little batty.

We’ll see. I invested in a brush with bamboo pins to try to even out the grease a little. It hasn’t made any difference noticeable enough for me to eagerly and enthusiastically encourage everyone else to try this. One week into this, I could go either way on shampoo.

This Is What Happens When You Give Up Shampoo

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