Long Lasting Orchids

I only discovered Saltwater sandals in recent years. I first bought two pairs and wore them almost daily for two summers. This year I bought a third pair and once I’ve worn them in  a bit I expect them to complete my summer footwear wardrobe. I love everything about them, they are comfortable, they wear well, they strike the right balance between casual yet nice enough for my workplace and I can wash them without a care in the world.

I have matured a lot when it comes to my fashion and clothing choices. I once wore sky high heels and a colourful ensemble to work every day and didn’t let the twinges in my feet due to the shoes or the twinges in my conscience due to the fast fashion bother me too much. These days, I’m all about comfort, within reason (I can’t be 100% comfortable all the time!), and sustainable, long-lasting clothing and footwear. I’ve pared my wardrobe back and some of the fast fashion made the cut, having transitioned from impulse buys to clothing that has lasted a surprisingly long time while still looking and feeling good.

This summer I don’t think I’ll buy anything else apart from the new sandals. I’ve assembled a rotation of options that thus far have covered all sartorial eventualities this summer.

Long Lasting Orchids

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