The year before I met my husband, this song was on fairly heavy rotation on the radio and for many reasons it was an earworm for me throughout that summer. I’ve heard it on and off since then and it kind of crept up on me lately because we celebrated five years of marriage earlier this month.

It feels nice being married for five years. The correct gift for five years of marriage is apparently wood and rather than rush and buy something wooden we’ve agreed to wait a bit and buy something more meaningful for our home once we’ve the time, money and inclination to think about home decor again.

I took the wood thing a little laterally when I organised our wedding anniversary date. I booked tickets to see a play, thinking that treading the boards was definitely in the wood-type area. Before the play we ate dinner in The Hot Stove, which was delicious and efficient. The waiting staff were really well briefed as they knew we were attending the play and as a result we had a relaxed meal as we knew they’d keep us on schedule. Nothing felt rushed and we liked the food a lot.

Then we celebrated our marriage by seeing a play about marital dysfunction of various hues. I love the Gate Theatre and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is a classic. I did not, however, join in the inevitable standing ovation at the end. I’m perhaps a little curmudgeonly after five years of marriage, but the performances, while pretty good, didn’t merit an ovation.


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