Take me out to the ball game, and then take me for dinner

Yesterday we took a break from the exhaustion of being in between two houses, neither of which is a relaxing place in which to be, and went to a rugby match. I’m not a follower of rugby, and I only know there’s a match on when our Friday, Saturday or Sunday plans are dictated by a fixture. Nothing reminds me as much of the Colloseum as walking to an almost-full sports stadium and my imagination tends to wander during a match, given that I’m not quite sure what’s going on a lot of the time. It isn’t that difficult to picture what might have happened thousands of years ago in a stadium not so far away.

After the match we went for dinner in Mulberry Garden. The menu is limited, but interesting, and we decided on the three course dinner menu. It included a couple of extras which were delicious, as were the other courses. We also decided on the house red wine as it happened to be a blend of our favourite grapes, and this was a great choice. The only downside was the service which seemed to favour efficient brusqueness over friendliness. There were a couple of spills when wine was poured and the dish of oil for the breads was removed, and I’m not a fan of sitting with a stained tablecloth, especially when I haven’t down the staining. This small complaint aside, it is a lovely spot and I think we’ll be back again.

Take me out to the ball game, and then take me for dinner

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