Room for improvement

Having received the keys for our new home this week we’re deep in the middle of decisions about floors and walls. We hadn’t seen the house for months thanks to a lengthy sales process, but finally we were able to spend some time enjoying our new home. In an effort to save money and a desire to do some work ourselves, we’ve been slowly moving some of our smaller belongings to our new abode. Pictures have disappeared from our walls and wardrobes are slowly being emptied. I’ve also found more things that are of more use to others than me, and it’s satisfying tot pass them along.

I cannot wait until we’re settled in our new house. There’s a lot more space and light to enjoy, but I’ll miss our old house too. We have a lot of memories and happy times to thank this house for, and it’s a comforting thought that its new inhabitants will make their own happy memories in the house we have called home. I’m not particularly good at change, so moving is a big adjustment for me. I’m looking forward to it though, and the gumption involved in making a new house a home.

Room for improvement

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