A Moving Experience

We’re moving house very shortly. It isn’t the first move we’ve made and I doubt it will be the last, but it is the first time we’ll be moving into a house we both decided on. Before we got married, we lived in a place he rented and after we got married we moved into the house I bought years before we met.

Today we braved Ikea and bought some storage boxes. We’re hiring a moving company to do the heavy lifting but we’re taking a chance on moving the smaller things ourselves. We’ll do a few runs to the new house, emptying the contents of the boxes there and returning to refill and repeat the process.

While we think we don’t have a lot of stuff, especially since we’ve been doing a lot of decluttering and passing along things we don’t need any more to those who are delighted to get them, we still have a lot of things. Books we love, clothes we need and household objects that are both sentimental and useful-for some reason we have acquired a lot of decanters.

I didn’t follow the Konmari method as strictly as her book recommends, mainly because I knew we’d be moving house so I saw no reason to empty the contents of my current home before the move. I’ve already found one library book I’d written off as lost, so I’m expecting similar things to turn up unexpectedly during this Moving Experience.

One thing I have realised is that, within reason, where we live doesn’t matter because the most important thing will always come with me. The rest is just, well, stuff, and while I’d miss things like the furniture we picked out after we got married and the books we’ve both spent years accumulating, virtually everything is replaceable. So while packing up this stuff is important, the main Moving Experience will be the adventure of living in a new house with the person I love.

A Moving Experience

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