Doctor, Doctor

I’ve mentioned my use of Dr. Bronner liquid soap to clean my makeup brushes. It’s also a nice addition to a bath or the rinse cycle of a washing machine. I’ve used the same cleanser and toner for about ten years now, made by another doctor, Dr. Hauschka. I’ve occasionally tried a different cleanser but I always come back to the soothing cleansing milk and the facial toner. I have to admit I stick with this toner because it’s so easy to use-spray it on, pat it and you’re done, without the need for cotton pads to swab my face.

Having browsed the clothes shops for the two new cardigans I really do need, I gave up on clothes. I’ve been meaning to try a body oil for a while and as yesterday was payday I decided to treat myself. I bought the lemon lemongrass body oil and used it this morning. It smells divine and the scent lingers in a pleasant way. I’m not into homeopathy at all, and I don’t really buy into a lot of the claims made by the brand, but I do love their products and this body oil will be in regular use purely based on how nice it feels and smells.

Doctor, Doctor

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