When A Lady Needs A Friend

Friends are very important to Marjorie. She firmly, but kindly, tells her readers to put their hats on and go right out and make some friends if they’re newly arrived in a place where they don’t know anyone. It can be difficult to keep friendships going as you get older, I’ve found. Life seems to be very busy and increasingly complicated for many and it can be difficult to divide up your time between competing demands and still have some down time. However, whenever I meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time I always come away vowing to do better and not let so much time pass.

This weekend one of my oldest and dearest friends was back in town and we had a delightful time catching up. I think one of the nicest things about having a shared history with someone are the laughs you have over the “Do you remember?” stories, of which we have many. We’ve very organically moved on from nights spent drinking cocktails and dancing to good (bad) music to dinner and wine, but we managed to squeeze in some cocktails and time on the dancefloor and it made some amazing new memories that I know will feature in our “Do you remember?” chats in years to come.

We ate in The Green Hen which I can highly recommend. We were accommodated without a booking on a busy evening and treated very well by the staff. I can recommend the raspberry bellini and the flirtini. The wine and food were excellent too. Then we moved to The George, which is exactly the same as I remember it from the last time I was there about ten years ago, prompting yet more “Do you remembers?”, shouted over songs we didn’t recognise because we’re no longer familiar with the latest hits. I can’t wait to share many more nights like this.

When A Lady Needs A Friend

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