Hatch(ing) Yet Another Lunch Out

One of the old reliable pieces of advice trotted out by those advising others on how to save money is the Bring Your Own Lunch To Work line. This is something I have done for many years now, not least because in my current job lunch is often a rushed affair, scoffed at my desk while grabbing ten minutes out of a busy day. Thanks, once again, to the current Protracted Coalition Negotiations I had time to meet a friend today, and my good intentions in terms of Bringing My Own Lunch To Work To Save Money have all but disappeared. I think this means I’m suffering as a result of the instability a country without a government must experience.

Today’s lunch spot was Hatch and Sons. I’ve eaten here solo a few times. I’ve not been fond of the chicken salad with croutons but everything else has been delicious. I enjoyed a smoked salmon plate, with a sneaky glass of wine and a coffee afterwards. An hour of catching up with a friend and a lovely lunch was today’s orchid. I will Bring My Own Lunch To Work To Save Money as soon as normal political service resumes.

Hatch(ing) Yet Another Lunch Out

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