The Weekly Round-Up Post

Items which have been discarded because they do not spark joy:

  • many pairs of socks
  • three cardigans
  • a top with a hole in it
  • bedlinen of the graying variety
  • cushion which I’d kept solely because it was a gift
  • two pillows long past their best


Happy moments:

  • forgotten nice chocolate in the fridge
  • remembering how satisfying it is to defrost an allegedly frostless freezer
  • uncertain election results, meaning work will be considerably less stressful and more interesting on my return
  • finishing a new book and finding it rather good


Resolutions for next week:

  • make my time online more quality, less quantity
  • make out list of books I have been meaning to get around to reading on my commute to work
  • sort out Box of Random Stuff that’s been taunting me for my entire vacation from work and which I told myself I’d deal with but found endless more interesting things to do
  • jazz up the blog a bit


The Weekly Round-Up Post

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