Not The Old Homestead

We’ve finally confirmed a date to close the sale of the house to which we hope to move within the next month or so. In honour of this, I took myself off to Ikea today. We need some new furniture because our new house has more rooms to fill and because some of our old pieces spark no joy whatsoever. I’m torn between the instant gratification and relatively low prices for what is usually fairly good quality furniture versus living without for an extended period of time and investing in investment pieces we’ll have for many years.

One thing is for sure, Ikea is not for the faint hearted. Every time I go I’m amazed by the number of people there, on a weekday morning, buying trolley loads of stuff. We’re guilty of this too, as I am writing this on a computer sitting on an Ikea desk, in between an Ikea bed and wardrobe. I’ve also noticed how many Ikea pieces are in the homes of friends and family. This observation sways me towards perhaps holding out for things like this instead of settling for this.

Not The Old Homestead

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