Things I Learned In February

I still miss our favourite restaurant a lot. It is a good time to try some new places though. So I learned I need to read up more on the newer eateries and oldies-but-goodies in the hope that we’ll find a new spot to love.

I missed running. I’ve restarted couch to 5k and I’m so happy I did. I happen to be extremely fortunate to live close to the sea so my runs are complimented by fabulous views. Today was the first day (I know, it is March but I’m lumping this experience in with February) I really didn’t want to get on my running gear and get out, but I did and it was the right decision. I have a lot more energy after a run.

It is getting easier and easier to let go of stuff. This is a big deal for me because I have for many years been much too attached to things. I would probably keep a lot more than I need, want or use if I hadn’t read Marie Kondo‘s book. It really has been life-changing for me. February was somewhat of a breakthrough month in this process because I was able to let go of things that had a lot of sentimental value for me and which I held onto for a long time with the vague notion of someday using them again or selling them. Then a friend needed the things a lot more than I did, and much sooner than I ever would, and knowing that they would be usefully employed for some time rather than hanging around in our attic was very satisfying.

Democracy really is the least worst system. I learned in February that some of my fellow voters are truly baffling and difficult to understand. And it can be extremely challenging to accept the outcomes you aren’t happy about.

Things I Learned In February

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