Let It Go

I had occasion to pass along some rather sentimental, but useful, items to someone who needed them a lot more than me this week. It was difficult watching things I spent time, money and love on choosing, but it was the right thing to do. I’ve been faithfully following the KonMari method for some time now and it has been instrumental in reforming my habits. If I allowed myself to be so, I would keep a lot more of the stuff I love but no longer use. Forcing myself to interact physically with the objects I thought I needed to hold onto in order to maintain a link between my memories and my feelings about the things has been the breakthrough I needed.

I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank when I was younger and really connecting with her phrase “memories mean more to me than dresses.” I had wrapped up my memories with the dresses (and other things) to such an extent that I came to realise what I really feared was not letting go of the dresses, but that I would lose the happy memories I associated with them. It has been hugely cathartic to find that I have given myself permission to Let It Go after such a long time. The things I gave away this week were, to the person who received them gratefully, simply things, but it was a wonderful feeling to know that they were going to a good home and that the person who now has them will build their own memories with the objects I still have happy memories off.

So if you are afraid to Let It Go, please think about why you have that fear and what you’re really afraid of – is it the thing or the memories associated with it? Fear not, no one can take away the happy thoughts that have come from the objects you once held dear but no longer spark joy.

Let It Go

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