Soap Star

I have a plethora of makeup brushes, my cleaning of which is too sporadic. One of my orchids is getting around to a job that’s been long-fingered. Today, the job was cleaning these brushes. I asked for some advice on what to use as I never feel they get really clean with my usual method, namely, grabbing whatever liquid or bar soap is on the sink and scrubbing for a while, then leaving to dry. I was recommended Dr. Bronner’s soap. I remember hearing about this stuff before, but had never got around to buying it. In a touch of serendipity, I happened upon a bottle of the stuff in a discount shop today and my brushes are soaking as I type. I’m skeptical about the bottle’s claims to be as all purpose as the wordy label suggests, and the whacky religious stuff isn’t something that sells a product to me, but I shall report back on the efficacy of the product itself and ignore the label. It is a nice lavender colour, though.

Soap Star

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