The Good Room

We are hoping to move house soon. Our current home, which we love but is becoming a little too small for us, has a very open layout. We have a living and dining room and a tiny kitchen. I am dreaming of the day when two of us can be in the kitchen together without bumping into each other constantly. One thing we will have in our future home is a separate sitting room. I have already called this The Good Room and I cannot wait to sit in it, reading or watching television or something else, and its sole purpose being that of relaxation. I am dreaming of built in bookshelves, candles flickering and a sofa we can curl up on. I often scoffed at the idea of having The Good Room, which in many homes in decades past meant a musty room that was never used by the family, precious space was instead kept in near mint condition for occasions of importance. While I don’t see the sense in preserving valuable space for rare events only, having one room that doesn’t need to be constantly useful strikes me as a luxuriously pleasant notion.

The Good Room

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