Large Scale Orchids

When me and my husband got married, we were lucky enough to be given gifts of money from friends and relatives. Amongst our purchases was a painting from the Oriel Gallery by this artist. We spent a day looking at paintings in different galleries, and this place is a gem of a gallery. We liked one piece by Urbaniak, then came across another that we loved. I mean, it was love at first sight. It was unframed, leaning against a wall in a dark corner of the gallery and even before it was lifted out so we could see it properly we knew we wanted it. I went back two days later to have it framed and to buy it. It has hung in a prominent spot in our home ever since and is a beautiful reminder of our wedding and part of our lives. We’ve bought other pieces since but none come close to how much we love this one. Every time I look at it, I see something new in the painting.

It was what I’d call a large scale orchid and we were in a privileged position to have the ability to buy something so non-essential purely because we loved it. Every day I look at this picture and it stops me from spending money on things that aren’t really orchids, because some day I want to be able to buy another piece of art for our home that brings us the same sort of joy this piece has. It may be a large scale orchid, but it was a bargain when I think how much pleasure it has given us on a daily basis for almost five years.

Large Scale Orchids

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