Hansel and Gretel

This gorgeous bakery on Clare Street is my current favourite for my morning coffee and pastry. I used to go to another place, but price increases and a long queue each morning caused me to pop into Hansel and Gretel instead. I have been a convert since. I’ve weaned myself off the calorific but delicious almond croissants and am kidding myself that a pain au chocolat is a healthier alternative. With this and a latte, every morning I go to work is made brighter. This is one orchid I budget for, because it is worth it to me to bring a packed lunch and eat at my desk in order to have such a toothsome start to the day. I have taken to buying my bread there too, and I can highly recommend the sourdough and granary loaves. I bought one of the granary loaves today, and enjoyed the smell in work as it was delightful. It is both a good and bad thing that I cannot visit more frequently.

Hansel and Gretel

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