In Praise Of Ironing

I love ironing. It is, without doubt, my favourite household chore. I wouldn’t even call it a chore, in fact, because I enjoy it so much. I love the therapeutic nature of it, how the pile of fresh clothes gets neater and neater and how you get a tangible output for your work. An hour of ironing is an orchid for me. I am grateful for my steam iron and thankful that I don’t have to endure these kinds of things when doing my ironing. I can only imagine that for many women (yes, usually women) in days gone by ironing was not the joyful task I find it today.

Marjorie urges her readers to take care of their clothes and advises that, with the proper level care one would give expensive clothes, cheaper ones can last and wear just as well. I find ironing helps greatly in the maintenance of my wardrobe. I have such close contact with my clothes when ironing that it is really easy to spot when something needs a small repair or when a stubborn stain that washing didn’t tackle needs attention. I find it easier to keep my wardrobe in order when everything looks neat following an ironing session. As Marjorie said, it also seems to ensure that cheaper items last longer because they’re properly cared for.

I will even go so far as to say I iron my tea-towels, because they look nicer in the drawer. I won’t even pretend bedlinen doesn’t get ironed. Who doesn’t enjoy getting into a bed, replete with fresh bedlinen, that looks neat as a pin? Ironing the bedlinen also seems to prevent it from creasing in between changes. Some day, this orchid will be mine. Some day.

In Praise Of Ironing

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