Getting On In The World

I work in a specialised field. To say my job is in a niche sector would be an understatement. While it has many upsides, one major fly in the ointment is my working hours. They can be, to say the least, erratic and unusual. Tomorrow is one such day. It will be a long, difficult day and I won’t get home until very late.

Today was a pretty manageable day, and when getting on the train for my short morning commute I thought what advice Marjorie would give me about my strange working hours and odd schedule. I think she’d tell me to get on with things and stop complaining, even in my head to myself, about my situation. She would probably ask me what I could or would do about changing my situation if I wasn’t happy, or whether I should realise how lucky I am to work in a field I enjoy, in a secure job that makes me happy about 85% of the time.

Her brusque, no-nonsense approach makes a lot of sense. Getting On In The World isn’t about everything being just how you like it. It involves realising that practically no one has everything they want, be it time, money, or the right work-life balance. Marjorie tells us we’d be better off thinking things over and realising that not many people will fall for hard luck stories about how difficult you have it compared to others.

She’s right. I’ll stop off at my favourite bakery for my usual coffee and pastry and focus on the job at hand. Sometimes you need to appreciate the orchids that you haven’t seen as orchids up to now, like a job you enjoy even if other aspects of the working world aren’t so appealing.

Getting On In The World

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