When you lose an orchid

For many years my husband and I have enjoyed eating in La mère Zou. Today I heard the sad news that it has closed, for good it appears. We’ve had countless meals there and never once failed to enjoy the food. We loved trying the wine of the month, the cheese board and the digestifs on very special occasions. We dined there with our parents on the day we got married and I loved being able to eat one of my favourite meals, moules frites, on my wedding day. We had our second date there and it was a place I looked forward to returning to for many years to come. Alas, the last meal we had there was indeed the last meal we had there. We will miss it terribly, not just the food but the staff who, without fail, were the epitome of good service and had the right amount of friendliness and familiarity. I hope they all know just how much we appreciated them and the food they served. This restaurant is an orchid we are very sorry to lose.

When you lose an orchid

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