Please Dress

According to Marjorie, it takes a genius to make an impression in run-down heels and an unbecoming hat. She has a lot to say about how the apparel oft proclaims the woman and there is a detailed guide to what a woman paying attention to getting orchids on her budget should buy in her books. I remembered this advice when browsing various shops after Christmas and trying on clothes priced to sell in the sales. She firmly tells her readers that ten chances to one they won’t change the buttons on a dress to ones they like and that a bargain isn’t all it might appear to be.

I was seized by a fit of decluttering following the Marie Kondo craze and some life changes and I’ve been left with about 30% of the clothes and shoes that used to fill my wardrobe. I’ve realised at my age, and given my budget and lifestyle, I can’t afford cheap clothes. That’s not to say I plan on refilling my wardrobe with high end designer items. Rather, I want to be more conscious of what I buy and not fall for something I only like just because it happens to be selling at a knock-down price.

I left every single item I tried on in the shops back on the rail or shelf from whence it came. I’m not 100% happy with my current physique and I would rather have a few orchids I know I’ll love when I’ve done something about my shape than a wardrobe with non-orchids I only like. I’m not entirely convinced on Marjorie’s shopping lists – we certainly don’t require as many pairs of stockings or hats as she recommends these days – but her advice that the single best economy one can have when buying clothes is good taste is as true today as it was in 1937. I am also a firm believer in avoiding run-down heels, even if I don’t know what sort of hat would become me.

Please Dress

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