This blog is not about orchids or budgets. At least, not completely about orchids or budgets. Marjorie Hillis is a very inspiring women, what you might call a feminist before there were feminists. She wrote a book, Orchids On Your Budget, which was about living smartly on what you have. Living smartly doesn’t mean scrimping and cutting things to the bone. Rather, it means making the most of the assets you have, be they financial or otherwise, and having as much fun as possible with them. The “orchids” she described are more about deciding what is important to you, and then making sure you have enough of what’s really important to you without running into financial trouble.


Orchids on my budget is mainly about my “orchids”. I don’t particularly care for orchids in and of themselves. I prefer lilies and roses. However, my orchids at the moment are things like a cup of coffee and a pastry from my favourite bakery, a lie in on a Sunday morning and finding a copy of a beloved childhood book secondhand. It is only natural to ponder on one’s priorities at the start of a new year. This year I plan on working out what exactly my orchids are, and figuring out the new ones I have yet to discover.


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